Around Hiraizumi
Around Geibikei
Around Genbikei
Around Ichinoseki Station

Around Hiraizumi

Nearby Famous Attractions

●World Heritage Chusonji
●Takkoku no Iwaya

①Luxury traditional Japanese style villa/ Hiraizumi Club-Farm & Resort

10 minutes from the World Heritage Chūsonji by car.
No interruptions from other guests. Your customers own private dining room for lunch. A budget of JPY3000 to JPY8000 per person. For people who prefers privacy, a group of less than 20 persons. Choices from Japanese fine dining, and local famous mochi cuisine, hatto dumpling soup, etc. We offer a wide variety of arrangement possibilities.
(Accommodation : max. 9 persons)

Hiraizumi Cultural Heritage Center

5 minutes from the Chūsonji by car. Free admission. Providing an easy-to-understand overview of Hiraizumi‘s Cultural Heritage, which has been registered as a World Heritage site, and functioning as a tourist visitor center, it provides an extensive introduction to the history and culture of Hiraizumi. There are also various exhibits of important  archeological artifacts that have been

Jōdo-no-Tachi 【Noh Experience】

5 minutes from the Chūsonji by car, walking distance from Mōtsū-ji (1 min by car). Experience the Japanese traditional performing art of “Noh”.
(Rooms available for accommodation. Please make inquiries about the room rates)

Around Geibikei

Nearby Famous Attractions

●Genbikei Gorge And Kakkō Dango (Flying Dumpling)

Matsurube Snowland

20 minutes from Genbikei by car.
Winter season:Snow play (90 mins or half day course)
Snow kayaking
   Forest walk 
For Matsurube Onsen guests, there are activities such as star gazing and etc.
※Lunch (with optional onsen plan)
※Rooms available for accommodation. Please make inquiries about the room rates
 It will open next year. We are organizing only 5 (limited) travel courses. Please contact us for more details.

Honederamura Shōen Site

Honederamura Shoen Site give us a visual clue on what the estate was like in 800 years ago. The landscape has barely changed since these maps were drawn, it is one of the few places in Japan that has this unique site. As a legacy Ichinoseki wishes to pass down for the future, we are aiming to have Honedera Shōen Site registered as a site associated with “Hiraizumi” as an extension.

Around Genbikei

Nearby Famous Attractions

●Geibikei boat cruise

Kawasaki Farmer’s Restaurant-Nukumori

30 minutes from Geibikei by car. 20 minutes from Ichinoseki by car.

Famous food: Crab dumpling soup JPY 900, max. 50 persons

Marusan Shikki (Lacquerware)

30 minutes from Geibikei by car.
Hidehiranuri lacquering experience

Senmaya Hinamatsuri (Doll’s Festival)

20 minutes from Geibikei by car. 30 minutes from Ichinoseki by car.

It is held for about a month every year from 11th February until 3rd March
(Please check for the latest updates)

Mogumogu-no-Sato Strawberry Farm

20 minutes from Geibikei by car. 25 minutes from Ichinoseki by car. Strawberry picking JPY 1200 per adult

Around Ichinoseki Station

Kyoya Somemono-ten (Dyeing Shop)

Indigo dyeing workshops. At this traditional dyeing shop which was established 100years ago, visitors can experience the technique of indigo dyeing on tenugui (hand towel). Factory tours are available too. Dyed tenugui can be done in just a day, visitors can bring back home as souvenirs. approx. 2 hours.

Seki-no-Ichi Brewery

Other than sake brewery tour, souvenir shopping, lunch and dinner, visitors can experience the local mochi cuisine etiquette at here! Parking lots available. Please visit the homepage for more details.


Wagashi (Japanese traditional sweets) making workshops, 45 mins. Workshop and factory visit 1.5 hr.

Visitors can learn to make traditional Japanese confectionery for themselves and to take home
2 sweets as souvenirs. 
Please call for more details at 平泉·一關市DMO

Omachi Shinsenkan (Souvenir shop)

A shop near to Ichinoseki station that sells local produce. Free admission.
Business hours 08:30~18:00

Iwanoi Sake Brewery

Details of sake brewery tour
● Period /through out the year. Except for Sundays, public holidays, Obon festivals and new year holidays
● Time / 10:00~16:00  
● Free admission  
● Parking Lot / Yes   
● Time needed / approx. 40 mins