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Get an inside look into a vibrant Ichinoseki community & extreme winter festival

Mizukake Matsuri' Festival has passed down over 360 years in Daito Town District of Ichinoseki City, Iwate. It is a kind of hadaka-matsuri, in which the men go naked except for underwear. So it's called 'A well-known strange festival'. 'Mizukake' literally means splashing water to someone. In this festival, groups of local men splash a bucket of water to naked men who run through the venue street. Only men are allowed to run and splash water. 'Mizukake Matsuri' Festival is annually held on February 11th, the coldest season, in Ohara area, Daito Town. On the day, you're not an onlooker, but a participant like a local man. You can take part in the festival with other local participants. It's a premium experience that cannot get on other tours. Participants are limited to men, but we can prepare tour for woman who want to go with them as a observer.

10 hours
Available period
1 to 3 people


Please contact us.
Preference price is 60000 yen, guide fee is included.

Advance Booking

Advance reservation by October of the previous year is required.

Tour Highlights

* You can participate in the traditional event that has passed down over 360 years with locals.
* It’s a premium tour.

For Individual tourist

It's a premium tour with only three participants at the maximum.

For Travel Agency

For more information, please contact DMO.

Tour Detail

Not just watch it as a tourist, but join it as a participant and have a special experience with other local people.
Around this time, another festival, called ‘Hina Matsuri’, where beautiful traditional dolls are displyed in some places, is held neighboring area. Therefore, even women are able to enjoy this tour.
As it is a premium tour, we totally produce your tour including before and after the festival.
It is only three people that can have the special experience.
For more information, please contact us.

You will move to the venue of the festival from JR Ichinoseki Station. It takes about an hour.
You can totally join the festival as a participant like a local from the beginning to the end with other local participants. A guide always help you to communicate with others throughout the day.

For about ten hours
Return to near the Ichinoseki Station after the festival.