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A plan for reserved train of local railway, Ofunato Line’

Ofunato Line, from Ichinoseki Station in Iwate to Kesennuma Station in Miyagi, has a nickname,'Dragon Rail'. It's obvious when you look at a map, the route looks like shape of dragon lying down. From the window of the train, you can enjoy nice view of nature like majestic flow of Kitakami-gawa River, or huge limestone rock on a mountain. Making good use of them, we can arrange for tours and prepare for reserved train. In the reserved train, various arrangements are available. For example, having an exceptional stop at a marvelous view like Geibikei Gorge and listening to boatman's singing face to face. In addition, you can enjoy singing with karaoke in the train,or be handed a can of apple juice from local women, because apples are local specialty in Iwate. What's more, stopover at a station and having an experience of making Mochi, rice cake. Finally at Kesennuma Station, local people welcome you all with big-catch banners,as Kesennuma is famous for fishery. you can also enjoy night cruising after getting off the train. Our DMO can offer various type of special tours that cannot experience on other tours.

2 hours 30 minutes
Available period
All year
About 70 people It will operate with 2 cars chartered.

Meeting Point

Meeting place is JR Ichinoseki Station.


Please contact us.
This plan is a unit product for travel agents.
This product is outsorced to Ihatov Tohoku Inc.

Advance Booking

To make reservation is essential.
As for application deadline, there is a difference between for a tour of local train and for a resort train.
Please contact us.

Tour Highlights

A travel of ‘Utsukushi’ from Ichinoseki to Kesennuma by reserved local train,JR Ohunato Line
We can arrange it on our own way.

For Individual tourist

Exclusive to chartered group tours.

For Travel Agency

We sell this unit product wholesale as Land Operator.
The guide language is either English or Chinese.
We develop products mainly for inbound tourists, but also support Japanese group tours.
Please contact us.

Tour Detail

A various kind of events are possible because of reserved train.
Depending on the requests of organizer, this tour can be a special tour that cannot be experienced on other tours.

Start from JR Ichinoseki Station.
Send-off visitors are welcomed.

Travel by reserved train of Ofunato Line, nicknamed ‘Dragon Rail’
It can be arranged, for example, adding boat trip at Geibikei Gorge and getting on the train from Geibikei Station.

After arriving at Kesennuma Station, you can go sightseeing in Kesennuma.