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‘Enjoy the traditional culture and autumn leaves in Iwate’ with an experience of making Japanese sweets.

A 30-minute drive from JR Ichinoseki Station of Tohoku Shinkansen, there is Chishoin, the first tree burial was conducted in Japan. The founder of Chishoin launched a project to preserve nature, which is still ongoing. Such efforts enable us to see rare plants and various forms of life that cannot be seen in the city. There is a scenery here that has passed down since long time ago. It has become one of the precious biotopes even in Japan which is regarded as 'a treasury of nature'. At a traditional Japanese-style building in Chishoin, you can watch 'Takkotai Kagura', a traditional songs and dancing for Shinto gods, that has been passed down over 200 years. Also, you can try making a Japanese sweets there with a craftsman of famous traditional sweets shop that established more tha 100 years ago. It will have to be a special experience to appreciate the traditional Japanese culture.

Approx. 8 hours
Available period
Late October to November
Less than 45 people, the capacity of a bus If it's more, please contact us. A group or chartered tour is available.

Meeting Point

Meeting place is JR Ichinoseki Station, or you can appoint the place.


Please contact us.
This tour is exclusively for travel agents and is outsorcing management, operated by Maruku Inc.

Advance Booking

Advance reservation is required.
Five or more applicants can be held this tour.
Application deadline is 14 days in advance.

For Individual tourist

This tour is exclusively for travel agents.

For Travel Agency

We sell this tour wholesale as Land Operator.
The language of the guide, English or Chinese are available. We have mainly developed products for inbound tour,but are also able to deal with Japanese group tours.
Please contact us.

Tour Detail

You can try a various kind of nature programs held at ‘Chishoin’ that has been working to preserve SATOYAMA, woodland near the village, or at the foothills of Mt. Kurikoma where a primeval forest of Japanese beech still remains.
Besides these programs, we can arrange a tour depending on your request. It’s possible for us to prepare a chartered bus, too.
Please contact us first.

Start from the West Gate of JR Ichinoseki Station
Meeting time can be set freely.

* watch ‘Takkotai Kagura’, traditional song and dance celebrating Shinto gods.
*experience of making traditional Japanese sweets. Instructor is a craftsman of traditional sweets from ‘Shoeido’,a long-established store selling Japanese-style confectionery in Ichinoseki.
*’Taste of autumn bento’,which was created only for this tour is served as a lunch.
*take a walk around SATOYAMA colored by autumn leaves with a special guide, cooperated by Kubokawa Ihatov.
*enjoy snack time with Japanese traditional sweets you made for yourself.
*buy souvenirs at ‘Michinoeki Genbi’, a roadside rest area, on the way back to JR Ichinoseki Station.