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‘Night Tour of Chusonji Temple’

Hiraizumi is known as World Heritage Sites where Pure Land Buddhism has been prevailed having sought for peace. A professional guide will show you around Chusonji Temple in Hiraizumi at night. A quiet atmosphere at night is totally different from one that crowded with many people in the daytime. Please enjoy the sound of silence, thinking about the background history. After walking along the approach to the Main Hall, you're supposed to have an experience of Zazen or Zen Meditation at a hall in Chusonji Temple.

Approx. 2 hours
Available period
April to November
5 to 20 people If participants are more than 20 people, please consult us. We are able to deal with a group tour as well as an exclusive tour.

Meeting Point

At a place in Hiraizumi Town.


For more information, please contact us.
Guide fee and charge of Zazen are included.

Advance Booking

Reservation is essential.
This tour will be held with an application of 5 or more people.
The application deadline is 14 days before the desired date of this tour.

Tour Highlights

*Unusual night tour of Chusonji Temple
*Listen to the sound of silence in the different atmosphere
*Special experience that you can’t usually have.

For Individual tourist

This tour will be held with applicants of 5 or more people.

For Travel Agency

For more information, please contact World Heritage Hiraizumi, Ichinoseki DMO.

Tour Detail

After the temple is closed for usual visitors, you’re specially allowed to get in and have a special experience. You may forget your daily life.
Many people visit there in the daytime, but it’s a different world at night.
Depending on your language, a Japanese, Chinese, or English guide is available.

meet : after sunset
Meeting time can be changed depending on the season.

You’re able to have a special night tour of Chusonji Temple with a guide. It’s a quite different world from one in the daytime that crowded with many tourists.
Hiraizumi was created based on Pure Land Buddhism, wishing for a peaceful world.
With the background knowledge, you may be able to appreciate the peace and silence in the precincts of the temple at night.

Experience of Zen maditation at Chusonji Temple
Let’s try to listen to your inner voice in a quiet atmosphere.

On the way back and forth, we take different routes.
By the time when you go down the hill, you will have felt the thoughts of people who wished for a peaceful world with talks of your guide.